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Our partners bring together the very best in classic craftsmanship and race-winning 21st century electrical automotive engineering.

Zytek, who are part of Continental AG, for our electric engines and infrastructure design.

Zytek Automotive, with over 150 engineers based in the traditional heartland of British engineering and car manufacture, design electric prototypes and electric niche cars, especially sports and racing cars.
They are the driving force behind everything from the breakthrough electric Smart Car to the technology in Audi concept cars and much research so cutting edge it’s still under wraps. Not least, Zytek provide the components for winning Le Mans cars and the cars that have won Formula E racing three years in a row.

Continental AG are the parent company of Zytek. They are one of the largest suppliers of products for car electrification in the world.
Through Zytek with Continental AG on board, RBW Classic Cars not only have access to world class R&D and the very latest technology, but also, to tried and tested cost effective components.