RBW the future
of Classics

RBW’s mission is simple. We are taking beauty of the past and marrying it with the technologies of the future. At RBW, we don’t just want to preserve our beautiful classic cars, we want to reimagine them for the 21st century and beyond. We are building environmentally friendly classic cars for the world’s future.

Our partners
behind the

Our partners bring together the very best in classic craftsmanship and race-winning 21st century electrical automotive engineering.

British Motor Heritage (MG Roadster) for our bodyshells, and GB Classic Trim for our interiors.

British Motor Heritage craft new body shells and have exclusively partnered with RBW to recreate electric classic cars. They were established to manufacture genuine components for historic British classic cars by British Leyland in 1975. They still manufacture genuine components for classic British cars using original tools whenever possible. They are the largest organization of its type in the world and have unparalleled depth of knowledge and pool of skills with unique access to original drawings and patterns.

With over 150 years combined experience, Classic Trim are one of the best in the business of interior restoration. They specialize not just in coming up with the correct finished look but also ensuring that their work has been carried out in the traditional way. They have a magnificent eye for detail and the care and patience required to create automotive works of art.